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Subject: Justices and Third Parties ( 34 of 98 )
Posted by Jason Mitchell

If Roe v. Wade were overturned, it would not outlaw abortions. Each state legislature would then be able to decide.

I have only seen the movie Cider House Rules, I haven't read the book. I doubt it owuld effect my opinion. I think almost all issues should be settled at the state level. I think the decison on the legality of abortion should be made by the people through their elected representatives (or through referendum where that is permissible). I don't think it's right to have 9 Justices legislate for the whole country.

As for voting for libertarians, I don't support the all of the libertarian platform. I think Harry Browne is a little extreme. The point of voting for third parties is to get the major parties to change their platform to attract the votes from the smaller parties.

My ultimate goal is to have a large inclusive republican party where we have some disagreements, but we all agree on having a small fiscally responsible government and a powerful military.

The libertarians are not seeking a world without police. They recognize that crime is always going to be here with us. They are for vigorus enfrocmenet of crimes against people and property. What they beliieve is that society should not have victimless crimes, and that when the war on drugs that the violent crime rate will go down.

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