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Subject: Re: Vote Ralph Nader (US) ( 96 of 98 )
Posted by Kathy Barber

There is less control by business or government of information on the internet than there is in other media, since theoretically anyone and their cousin can get their own web page and post to conversations such as this one. One web site incident does not examine the big picture, but the big picture may be worth examining. It is good that you have the critical ability to know better than believe everything you read online. You must realize, however, that television, in particular, has the power to affect perceptions. Communication is a discipline of study at most major universities, and there are people who research the effects of the mass media for a living. A couple of researchers who come to mind are Zukerman (can't remember his first name right off) and Lewis Donohue (under whom I took some graduate courses).

As for the president's role being only that of scapegoat, I must disagree, although that almost certainly is one of the aspects of the job. The president has powers over the military and foreign policy which in the hands of the wrong person could have dire consequences.

It is, as you point out, unlikely that more votes will be cast. However, a there are ways in which people can still affect the future. I've been through cynical phases myself, but eventually something always riles me up enough to try to do something about it. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.
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