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Subject: Re: Tommy and the Ballot ( 67 of 98 )
Posted by J. Bryan

What Tommy said:

"Why would they choose to slip a third-party candidate BETWEEN the two major-party candidates if they weren't hoping to confuse people.

"Remember, "Dubya" Bush's BROTHER is the governor of Florida."

Why Tommy may need to think things through a bit more:

That ballot was designed by a DEMOCRAT, and was approved by BOTH PARTIES before the election.

I'm not trying to offend you, Tommy. I don't even know you, therefore I have no opinion of you. I'm just responding to your comments and trying to offer information to help you see where the other side is coming from.

To add, confusing or not...this question over the ballot doesn't even matter [at least for this year's election]. BY LAW, any 'issues' with the ballot were to be brought up BEFORE the election. They were not and the ballot was approved...again, by law.

And about this 19,000 discarded ballots:

"...Mary Matalin [CNN] called a poll worker in Palm Beach County and guess what she learned? These disputed 19,000 ballots were discarded. They came from people who went on to recast their vote after having made a mistake - a mistake that was caught and corrected.

In other words, it's not 19,000 people who double punched a ballot, turned it in, then had it discovered and thrown out. These are people who knew that they had made the mistake of double punching the ballot, requested a new ballot, and recast their vote."

Some of you may not respect this sorce, but I can only offer this advice: see the evidence, overlook the ego.

J. Bryan
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