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Subject: Staet level court decisions and federalism ( 39 of 98 )
Posted by Swobo

in response to teh ppl who stated that roe v. wade should be left to the states to decide, it shouldn't. if roe v. wade were to be overturned by bush appointed justices state legislatures would implement their own laws on thh abortion subject. this would mean some states would outlaw abortion, and others would not. now, there would be suits that would challenge these anti abortion laws b/c that is inevitable. and then these suits would be appealed and appealed to state supreme courts up the the supreme court. and even if the supreme court back-handed these cases, they would keep coming back. and abortion is related to interstate commerce, this is why:

if some states abortion were legal and others illegal, citizens would travel accross state lines for abortions. also, bush would try and create federal laws prohibiting abortion. this would put it under the jurisdiction of the supreme court.

and to counter the argument that bush would appoint "good" justices, they would not uphold the constitution. they would interpret the constitution on the basis of "framer's intent" and that is frankly absurd. it is absurd b/c the framers of the constitution did not even imagine our society today, or the problems we face.

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