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Subject: Re: Vote Ralph Nader (US) ( 17 of 98 )
Posted by MatthewMWT

I don't even live in the US (Australian as a matter of fact). But for some strange reason I've been pretty interested this US election.

But if I was eligible to vote I'd have to say that a guy called Harry Browne seems pretty good. He's talking about the reduction of government - and buy that I think he means the 'top-down' approach to government that Douglas was talking about.

To me it would seem that the Internet is making possible government that leverages the network - rather than the hierarchy - just as it it for business and management.

My only concern is that the Harry Browne crew don't appear to see any difference in reducing government control of health care and reducing gun control !?!??!?

Is there anything else that I'm missing about the Libertarian approach that I'm missing?

Also, I was impressed that the guy's web site quite plainly states his parties stance on lots of issues.

I'm curious to hear comments from people from the US...?
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