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Subject: Re: Appointment of Justices ( 33 of 98 )
Posted by Cagliostro

I hate the idea of Bush getting in, and if he does overturn Roe vs. Wade, I'm going to feel really guilty not voting for Gore. Then again, if Gore gets in and waters down our entertainment more than it already is, I'll be angry as well. Not quite as angry as hearing about women having to find someone to give them an unsafe abortion, but pretty angry. Whoever said that it should be a state decision needs to read Cider House Rules by John Irving, and that it should be a national right.
However, more than likely nothing will change no matter who gets in. I honestly think the bad things the democrats propose will be more likely than Bush making abortion illegal. The sides are too well established on both sides of the issue, and I don't think anything will change it.
I think it is a Gore trick to get elected.
As for Libertarians, I registered as one, even though I find the party pretty kooky. I guess because there is such a wide spectrum of people, from the conservatives who say that "you can take my gun when you pry it from my cold dead fingers," and there are the liberals screaming for change to a more pure John Locke concept of government. Hmm....guess which side I'm on. Personally, I'm a bit terrified of true Libertarian world in this space in time. I don't think the majority of people are smart and adult enough to handle it at this moment in time. It would pitch over on its side toward anarchy, not that anarchy as a concept is terribly bad. But I think the overall concept is a sound one, and something to strive for so that we don't need cops, needless rules, and borders. Once people start focusing on gaining knowledge and actually being nice to each other rather than how this sports team is going to kick this other teams butt and how much money we can get for the least amount of work, maybe we could move to something better. I'm pessimistic enough to believe that we will probably never be at that point, and that we'll probably accidently cut our own throats before we move to a true utopia. The reason I feel this way is because of Darwinism. Who tends to have more kids: the intelligent socially-conscious couple who thinks that the population is starting to get out of control or the morons who have nothing better to do but screw? It's the head or the body, baby, and the body tends to wins out in the end. What strikes me as funny is that the side that Darwinism is actually working for don't believe Darwinism exists.
Wow. I have gone on a bit, haven't I?
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