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Subject: Nader would be an awful prez ( 36 of 98 )
Posted by Third Policeman

Look, I probably agree with about 95% of Nader's views, more so than Al Gore. And Nader is more independant and easier to believe in. A vote for Nader is a feel-good vote, I agree.


Nader has never held elected office. He has neither the experience nor the personality of a legislator. His politics are so liberal that the Repubs would be able to demonize him to the public without working up a sweat. He beleives politics is the art of stating your point of view better than your opponent, when politics is really the art of getting your point of view implemented in national policy. As president, he would preach, yell, and dictate terms to a Congress who would have absolutely no reason to listen to him. He would propose bills that only the most liberal members of Congress would support. In short, a Nader presidency would be one which would be characterized by a series of antagonistic clashes with Congress which would end with Congress winning every time. He would accomplish absolutely nothing, because he doesn't know how to push a bill or lobby a Congressman. He's a great advocate and a liberal icon, but not a legislator and certainly not a president.
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