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Subject: Re: Vote Ralph Nader (US) ( 56 of 98 )
Posted by brad barbee

Anyone who votes for Nader is decidedly delusional if they think it won't hurt liberal causes. The perfect cannot become enemies of the good. Getting Satan--I mean Bush elected is the worst idea I've heard of since--since--okay since REAGAN. Bush is a lackie. He spent most of his adult life trying and failing to make money in the oil business, then had his oil buddies back him in what has been a spectacularly unsuccessful governership. PLEASE listen to me unless you want what has happened here in TEXAS to happen to you. Bad water, polluted air, low achieving schools, class structures that are more like castes? We've got it all, and in abundance. Good luck America! You've been duped into doing just what the corporate structure wants you to do.
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