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Subject: Re: Vote Ralph Nader (US) ( 47 of 98 )
Posted by cesoid

First things first: If a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush, then a vote for Bush is two votes for Bush....catch my drift? I will admit, if Nader has no chance (still working on that one, not much time left) and a voter changes their mind from Gore to Nader, the effect on the result of the election is the same as the effect of a voter changing their mind from NOTHING to Bush. However, a voter who changes their mind from Gore to Bush does twice as much damage against Gore as a voter who changes their mind from Gore to Nader (if, once again, you expect Nader has no chance).

Here's the real tricky thing. Supposing, just for a moment you poll every potential voter in the country, and they give you the honest answer as to who they want for president, and NOT who they intend to vote for as some part of a strategy. Suppose, just briefly, that it turns out that the majority (about half being people who won't even vote), either like Nader, or find him much more appealing than Bush, Gore, Brown, etc. Stop for a second and wonder if this is actually true, because maybe, just maybe it is. And suppose, just for a second, that all of these people knew that all of the other people wanted to vote for Nader. I think that then Nader would win.

So, maybe it turns out that the only thing keeping Nader from winning is lack of confidence, and for those of us who like Nader the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

I could say much more about why I would like Nader to be president, but this is a theater of the short attention span. Maybe later.
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