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Subject: Appointment of Justices ( 30 of 98 )
Posted by Jason Mitchell

On the contrary, Bush would appoint the better justices. One of the problems with this nation is that we no longer respect the law or the Constitution. The Consitiution specifically lists the powers and duties of the federal government. These generally deal with interstate commerce and international relations. The Tenth Amendment states that all other powers are reservered for the states.

Bush would appoint constructionalist justices who would uphold the Constitution rather than allowing the Congress to write any law it wants. It would also slow down the courts from legislating from the bench.

It would probably lead to the reversal of Roe v. Wade, but that's noit such a bad thing. The federal government doesn't have any business making decisions about abortion. It's a state issue. Hopefully, the court would also overturn a federal law on partial birth abortion. There's no way abortion can affect interstate commerce.

Furthermore, experience in poliitcs is not the most important thing to consider. Their views and more importantly their character counts. We elect people to make decisions. We have to elect people that we can trust to make decisions and deligate properly.

If you think that person is Gore, then vote for him for that reason. I consider a life in politics more of a liablity than an asset in a chief executive.
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